KidZone Classes

Our KidZone is set up as follows:

The KidZone nursery

This program is for babies, birth through two and a half years of age. The program is divided into 2 classes, based on development stage categories.

Plumbers (Birth – 15-18 months)

Infants, Crawlers and New Walkers are in the Plumbers class. Their time here may include sleeping, rocking, playtime and diaper changing. We want to know what you expect to happen with your child during their time, so be sure to let their teacher know if a nap or bottle or snack is needed.

Welders (15-18 months – 2½ years )

The Welders class consists of Toddlers, Steady Walkers and Runners. Welders have a more active curriculum, usually including a bible story, worship and singing, activity, coloring sheet, snack and lots of playtime.

The KidZone pre-school

This program is organized into the following classes:

Electricians (2 ½ years – 4 years old)
Builders (4 years old – 5 years Pre-K)

The class structure consists of Play Time/Learning Centers, Bible Story and Bible Verse Memory, Sing-a-Long Worship and watching a teaching DVD that reinforces the Bible Story, Craft/Activity and Snack.

The KidZone Elementary

This program is for Kindergarten – 6th Graders, and is an awesome place for your child to hang out with us during a Sunday Morning Service! It is organized into 2 classes:

Carpenters (K – 2nd grade)
Engineers (3rd grade – 6th grade)

Your kids will have the opportunity to hang out with their friends and fun, interactive leaders. More importantly, they will learn truths from God’s Word presented in a relevant way through a teaching DVD. Most weeks they will experience Worship in adult church, then return to their classroom to engage in activities that reinforce the bible lesson including a memory verse activity, fun games and prayer time with their leaders.

We’ve chosen The Gospel Project for Kids as our curriculum. It’s a chronological journey through scripture that always points kids to Jesus. We believe it’s the best way to teach God’s Story to kids.