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Join us in service around the city on November 29th. There will be no in person service. Catch a brief encouragement/instructions from Rick at 9am on 11/29!

Click Here to Learn How we are staying HEALTHY in the building!

Westwoods is:

A non-denominational, intergenerational community of imperfect people seeking to be changed by the person of Jesus Christ.

A church being built on the foundation of authentic relationships and the relevant application of God’s Word. Our hope is to be a challenging community for believers, a safe community for spiritual seekers and a powerful picture of grace and love to our community.

Maybe you’ve said no to church, but what if church could be different?

  • Shouldn’t church be a place of life, connection, excitement and enthusiasm?
  • Shouldn’t church be a place where people can feel and experience a real connection with God?
  • Shouldn’t church be a place that positively shapes our communities?


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