We believe that the Body of Christ exists to live life with one another and this cannot happen solely on Sunday mornings. Our vision for our Missional Communities (MCs) is to connect people relationally for the purpose of growing in the way they love and follow Christ, love and serve each other, and love and reach the lost.

Our intention is, of course, to provide consistent and regular meeting times and places for each group, but because our MCs are living breathing organisms – filled with people with kids and dogs and volleyball schedules and work and families who visit from out of town! –  meeting times and locations may be subject to change any given week. All of our MCs have times of study and prayer (IN) times of community service (OUT) and outreach events to help new people connect (ALL).

Please contact a group leader to let them know you’re coming before you visit a group for the first time so you can confirm time and location. We can’t wait to see you! 

Steve and Celeste Bennett

12826 W. Iliff Avenue

Lakewood, CO 80228



Monday Nights @ 6:00pm

Wilson and Carly Day

437 S. Harlan St.

Lakewood, CO 80232

720.254.9423 or 720.331.1639


Monday nights @ 6:30 pm

Ken & Anne Fogle

6584 S. Chase St.

Littleton, CO 80123



Tuesday Nights @ 6:30pm

Joe & Sarah Brooks

3082 S Garland Ct

Lakewood, CO 80227



Tuesday Nights @ 7:00pm

Josh and Angie Henry

9382 W. Cornell Place

Lakewood, CO 80227



Tuesday Nights @ 6:30pm 


Brinks and LoMurrays

9352 W Cornell Pl.

Lakewood, CO 80227



Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm

Troy and Calee Schrock 

11340 W 66th Pl.

Arvada, CO 80004


Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm

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7700 Woodard Dr.
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